Are you ready to run?


THE RUNNER is the Most Epic Cross-Country Chase Ever Filmed, and We’re Casting Nationwide for this Exciting New Competition Show NOW!

From the minds of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adaptive Studios and Pilgrim Media Group, “The Runner” is a thrilling, new competition show with more than a million dollars on the line and one simple challenge: “Find the Runner!”

Somewhere in the United States, a mysterious RUNNER will be racing toward an undisclosed city. That RUNNER will be hunted by competing teams of CHASERS. It is up to the RUNNER to use strategy and determination to avoid the CHASERS and make it to the target city. The task of the CHASERS is to find the RUNNER before time runs out... or another group of CHASERS beats them to it.

So here’s the big question: Are you a RUNNER or a CHASER?

Either way, you have a chance to win!

TO BE THE RUNNER: You must be shrewd, tough, physically fit and independent! You have no one to rely on but yourself. The ideal RUNNER is adaptive, resilient, street smart and great with strategy. Click below to apply for the role of RUNNER now:

TO BE A CHASER: You must apply as a two-person team. You and your partner must be outgoing, clever and, yes, in good shape! It doesn’t matter if you are friends, relatives or co-workers, as long as you can work together, strategize and win! Click below to become CHASERS:

This is your opportunity to win big in America’s ultimate game of pursuit.